Young women are allowed to have a boyfriend here
They can go out with them and do things together
Afghan girls can’t do that,
Except if they are old enough.

In that case, a husband is found
And there will be a wedding.
Until the wedding night, they will never see the husband.

Two cars had an accident in Berlin
Not even two minutes passed
And the police was there with blue lights flashing
In Afghanistan, the drivers would have gotten into a fight
And two hours later, the police would have shown up.
Although nothing happened, just a scratch.

People walk down the streets here in the evenings,
Not in Afghanistan. When a young Afghan leaves the house, he doesn’t know whether he will return. He says goodbye forever.
When a young Afghan leaves the house, he probably has money, he can be kidnapped. If he’s a bit prettier, they will do other things to him, or even blow him up with a bomb. It’s not like that in Europe.

This poem won an award.