When I learnt your language, you said “wog.”
When I went to school, to uni, you said “wog.”
“This is our school, don’t get too comfortable.”

If I buy the car I like, then I’m “one of those types.”
And the money I used to buy the car is money “from our taxes.”
If I score a goal, you scream at me
that you paid for the boot I shot with.

“You can’t rent a flat, you’re the wog.
One of us needs to be your guarantor.”
Though I have money, savings, a job.

You don’t want my help when you need to be washed,
because they are the hands of a wog.

If I buy nice clothes, you laugh and say I look like “that lot.”
And think I won’t understand your taunt.

I may grow up here,
fight for this country
die for this country,
I will always be the wog.