In the city of dreams
Where people never sleep
One night that no days followed
I met a remarkable woman
Asked her
Who are you?
She answered
I am a woman without an address

I drank the wine and the sugar
Melted in our devotion
I asked
Shall we meet again after this feeling?
She looked at me and answered with shining eyes

She came to the meeting
In the climbing club
I said to her
I love you and I want you to be
My lady in the palace of rayon
She said
I am your angel from heaven
But not a woman for the public sphere
She smiled
I have a lover, but I am as free as a gazelle
My mind was absent for a moment
And everything melted away behind the walls

She said
It does not matter, life is as it is
I left with my head held high
Because she did not yet know the riders