When I arrived in Germany, I had many positive emotions.
First of all I was very pleased to meet my sister.
Soon negative feelings crept in: boredom, loneliness
Influenced my accustomed life.
I encountered many difficulties because I wore a headscarf.
When my language school began, everything was new for me.

I felt yearning and homesickness.
The war had destroyed my home.
I remember every small thing that happened after the war.
Of all events from the past,
The death of all six of my uncles was the most crushing.
Sadness flows from my heart.

In Germany I have no friends except my family.
But that is rather boring.
I would like to have a conversation with friends.
And I would like to share my sadness and joy with friends.

I would be a happy person if I could fulfil my dream.
I wish the war in Syria would end.
Then I would like to go back and live there forever.