The Poetry Project in concert – Poems by Ali Ahmade and Mohamad Mashghdost are now also available to listen to in musical interpretation as part of the unique concert 'Towards an Us' in the city of Hagen.

The inspiration came from a planned performance by the city orchestra, which was to play the multilingual oratorio 'Toward a Season of Peace' by Richard Danielpour. This work deals with the themes of war and peace, focusing on the Middle East. In line with this, composer David Graham initiated another project; for about half a year, he approached choirs, schools, and bands to create entirely new, unique pieces. He worked with a gospel choir, an Arab-German music ensemble, a Turkish choir, a Catholic boys' choir, and an inclusive rock band.

According to David Grahan in Hagen, it was believed that only a Mozart could compose. However, under his guidance there were only amateurs, some of whom had hardly been in contact with music. The youngest member of 'Towards an Us' was only seven years old. A total of 217 composers of all ages participated, including many refugees. The twelve compositions created were brought to the stage by 200 performers.

The compositions were about community, peace, home, and flight - the musical search for a peaceful coexistence. Thanks to engaging with these themes, David Graham became aware of The Poetry Project - through Googling. We are delighted with our poets and thank David Graham for conceiving this unique project.


Ali Ahmade - Morning

Mohamad Mashghdost - Home