Mobile Dance, Uferstudios for Contemporary Dance, and Berlin Mondiale invited everyone to celebrate together with live music, performances, film, and dance music. Additionally, contributions from the most exciting Berlin Mondiale projects of the past year were showcased.

Alongside 50 young dancers and 15 artists from the JUNCTION project, Heidi Weiss and Francisco Bejarano Montes de Oca (dance), Abdulkader and Mohammad Asli (music), Nada Al Aswad, Juli Reinartz (Danceoke), and DJ Šubi, the poets of the Poetry Project were part of the program for this diverse evening. Moreover, there were poetry films by M-Power, contributions from the What's Up?! Magazine, the Media Arts Lab, and the Labor M/Schloss Biesdorf.

Special thanks to the What's Up?! Magazine for the invitation and organization of the event, as well as to the hosts for the fantastic collaboration.

Poets: Ali Alzaeem, Amira Gudegast, Rojin Namer, Alaa Aldin Khalifeh