We were able to host a truly special reading this summer, thanks to Emeka Ogboh. In 2015, the Nigerian artist began compiling interviews, news stories, and musical samples into a sound and object installation about flight and migration titled "RADIO 0-3-0". He has continuously added to this elaborate project’s canon since the Russian invasion of Ukraine; this summer, he also introduced texts from the Poetry Project.

Ali Alzaeem, Rojin Namer, Shahzamir Hataki, Robina Karimi, Mahdi Hashemi and Yasser Niksada gathered in June to recite their favorite poems. Their recitals were recorded and edited by Carrie Hampel and can now be heard along with many other contributions in a sound installation running all day in the "collection for the 21st century" at Hamburger Bahnhof. The recordings are played in a dedicated, darkened room where red cushions invite visitors to linger and listen. RADIO 0-3-0 will still be on display in 2024, along with many other interesting exhibits. We recommend a visit!

Image: © Annette Hempfling