This time, we traveled to Kassel as an all-girl group to draw attention to the fact that not only boys, but also young girls, flee to Europe alone. Their perspectives on flight and society were supposed to be at the forefront.

Four days after the opening of the exhibition "Bloody Ground" at the Kassel City Museum, which deals with the nine homicides of the National Socialist Underground, the poets presented critical texts on the welcoming society, as well as poems on the themes of encounter and homeland that deeply resonated with the audience. Not only did the reading evoke emotion in the audience, but also the conscious rap by Joe d'Arc, a young artist from Kassel, who reminded us all of the urgency of environmentally conscious action.

Before and after the reading, there were workshops that provided the opportunity to get to know each other - for example, we explained each other texts from our favorite musicians and let ourselves be inspired by them to write poems.

We would like to thank Charlene Hackley from the Office for Schools and Education of the City of Kassel for the city tour and the overall organization, as well as the City Museum for providing space for reflection and writing.