I decided of my own free will
to go to Germany.
There were several reasons that caused me
to leave my homeland.
My home, the world in which I spend my childhood,
my youth, with all its bad and good aspects.

I decided after being freed for the sixth time
from imprisonment.
From the prison that has this reputation:
“Those who enter are lost,
those who leave are reborn.”

My exemption from military service had ended,
soldiers were everywhere,
and my activities were limited
to going to the neighbouring garden or reading at home.
After long negotiations between
one of my relatives and
the well-known parliamentary deputy Ahmad Mubarak,
he gave an assurance that he would let me leave the city.
In return for the sum of 2500 euros.
I sat with six rebel soldiers
and was the only civilian.
We passed several checkpoints
without being searched, then reached the village of Jibrin,
where we were to wait until dawn.
In the evening they gave us army uniforms and weapons
I said I didn’t know how to use them.
They answered: “Just carry them to make an impression.”

To our surprise, as we left,
we saw more than 24 cars of the same make as our vehicle.
In them were many families.
The boss of the group was the brother-in-law of Ahmad Mubarak.
He said to us:
“There are army checkpoints on the route.
If anyone stops you, shoot him and drive on.”