The big question: dream or aim?
Everyone says that dreams are out of reach.
I say that dreams do not even exist and have never existed.
The past, which was the future, has broken my heart.
It demanded all of my feelings, robbed me of my family and friends.
During a dream this freedom, which is a lie, exists.
Like a rainbow, visible but out of reach.
An ideal and perfect world that people
have built for themselves to flee from reality.

But I believe in something that is called an aim,
because it always fulfils my wishes.
I might reach a dead end and need a new plan.
I think of what could happen,
if people did not have any fear.
if they made their steps in life resound,
like the keys of a piano.
The only prisons in this world are the taboos in people’s heads.
Come, let us cross the borders.
Without fear of making mistakes.