I have grown old,
my hair has turned white,
a consequence of the tragic events
of recent years.
How many prisoners have suffered
from injustice and arrogance?
How many prisoners have endured
torture and fear,
known these horrors?
How many prisoners were subjected to torture,
physically and mentally?
How have they put behind them
this life in the cold torture chamber?

How bizarre is this life!
Life has forgotten these heroes,
who fought
against injustice.
Their lives were forfeited in the wilderness.
Their souls are still
searching for a place
where they can recover from the torment.
At night, around their graves,
their souls palpably seek rest.

Will you ever return, you heroes?
Will you lead the people to victory,
as promised?
Will you be able to defeat the tyrants?
These tyrants have robbed us,
killed, plundered our land.
The cruellest of all tyrants.
These tyrants have spread fear
and terror everywhere.
Yet these criminals have forgotten
that God’s fire awaits them.