In this world I am a refugee.
There is no place for me here.
Every word is foreign to me,
every sound is alien.

I am a wordless singer.
Words and sentences
freeze solid inside me, build
a wall of silence.

Imagine a city
that gleams at daybreak
in a hidden place,
while bit by bit
it falls in on itself.

This city is a place
where all souls stay sealed and cease.
All feelings freeze in petty glances.

This damned city
welcomes chatty people with open arms
and puts them on a pedestal.
All the wordless people
sit in the place of my dreams
at a table handing out punishments.

The memory of this city is erased.
Cries for help ring in my ears,
the cries of the disappeared.
After all, I find myself on the trail
of a profound silence.