Ab Mahir sells falafels. For a few years now and especially since the last few months, I’ve been having this dream – when I wake up, I’m always hungry. Very hungry. Normally, I’m not hungry in the morning. Not until three in the afternoon. Apart from the days I have this dream. I wake up and I’m starving. I look for something to eat. In this dream I’m hungry, I’m standing in Ab Mahir’s shop and noting every detail. Details like the broken glass table, behind it bowls, filled with salad, tomatoes, cucumber, torshi, and yogurt sauce. Details like splodges of fat on the wall behind the frying pan. Only at the moment I wake up do I ask myself for a second where I am. In the dream, I ask Ab Mahir for a sandwich, a large falafel sandwich, and he starts making it, the same way he does in real life. He grabs a pita and squishes the falafel on it, pours sauce on it, dollops veg on it, and rolls it up in a piece of newspaper. This time last week I dreamt about it again, but this time I knew that I was dreaming and I also knew: I can’t eat the sandwich. So I decided in my dream to order 500 sandwiches. And said to myself: the sandwiches might be running around my dreams, but maybe one can run away to reality. I wake up, my stomach is annoyed, and I’m hungry. I grab my phone and order a falafel sandwich from Lieferando.