Do you know what love is?
No, not kochannya, the red-blooded love between people
That makes the unrestrained heart and body rush at once
To the one who is your light.

Do you know that there is lubov, the love for the homeland?
The place where you were born and grew up,
Where every child harbours the seed of freedom, of truth, of faith,
And where a white bird spreads its wings?

Did you ever go out into the field,
Into the forest, to the river, the high mountains,
And felt overwhelmed, breathless,
Because there is nowhere else on earth like it?

Have you ever felt the strong, familiar breeze,
Bringing the scent of herbs and spring flowers?
Have you stopped what you were doing and waited for it
And asked yourself if you will ever be able to breathe that in again?

This is lubov, the love for your homeland,
For the soil and the sun, beneath which
Little children and great strength grow,
This is what we call love for Ukraine.